B2B content marketing: The facts

Our recently published Content Benchmarking Report reveals that B2B is clearly still content obsessed. And things aren’t going to change any time soon, reports Alex Aspinall

We've been charting the meteoric rise of content in B2B marketing, and indeed across the communications landscape as a whole, for several years now.  And it’s been pretty impressive. Such is the extent of content’s (and inbound marketing’s) presence in the space that it’s increasingly hard to remember a time when content initiatives didn’t dominate B2B marketing activity. After all, why would you ever not want to provide your prospects with useful, timely content designed to solve their business challenges?

In many ways it’s because inbound marketing, and the content that fuels the fire, is such an obvious winner in B2B that we are now forced to reflect on the phenomena of content overload. This is one of the main issues flagged in greater detail in this year’s full report. In this feature we have distilled the report down, selecting some of its most salient themes.