The battle for talent: Why your clients want your staff

In 2019, PwC consolidated its 33 marketing teams that were spread around the business into a single internal agency. These were divided into functional areas of specialism, including digital, content, campaigns and brand. Here, Lucy Birch, director of marketing and brand at PwC tells Paul Snell about the company’s appetite for all things agency – including its staff.

What is it you value about an agency’s ethos and work practices? 

Lucy Birch: “I’ve had the experience of working for an agency myself and can see how hugely valuable it was. The stint really developed me because working across different clients gives you much more diversity in terms of the types of challenges you face. It gives you a lot of softer skills, such as quickly getting a good understanding of the individual client’s needs, the dynamics of an organisation and the political pressures people are under. Working at an agency also made me much more commercially focused.