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BOOK REVIEW: Advertising Concept and Copy

Author: George Felton
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Reviewer: Hamish Pringle, strategic advisor, 23red

This is a good book on how to create consumer advertising.  It has many examples and multiple illustrations, albeit largely US-derived, which bring the points alive.  But there are just two pages out of 303 on business-to-business advertising, with just two examples. Only if the reader is prepared to do the work to make the links back to B2B are there lots of useful tips to be followed.

However, I must disagree with George Felton’s assertion that: “Bad business-to-business advertising wrongly assumes that there is a corporate mentality different from the human one.” In my experience the ‘corporate mentality’ is very much a reality.  It’s essential to understand the inter-relationship between it and the mindset of the target decision-makers and influencers.  If the company has a serious approach to doing business, but the CEO is known to enjoy a joke, this insight can create a great communications opportunity, if handled carefully.