BOOK REVIEW: Designing B2B Brands

Authors: Carlos Martinez Onaindia and Brian Resnick
Publisher: Wiley
Reviewer: Mike Garside, owner, Good Reputations Marketing Consultancy

Although billed as ‘a comprehensive guide to creating and implementing a global brand platform’ it has to be said that this book will be of most interest to people intimately involved in Deloitte. It is, unashamedly, about Deloitte. If you’re applying for a job in the Deloitte marketing department, you’ll certainly want to read it before your interview.

Not that this makes it a small subject: a company which can afford to present its 2008 annual intake of graduates in Brussels, all 700 of them, with a brand new Mini in company livery at a welcoming event has plenty to talk about. That kind of branding strategy would make most finance departments wince.