BOOK REVIEW: Digital State

Author: Simon Pont
Publisher: Kogan Page
Reviewer: Lucy Acheson, head of data planning, WDMP

It’s not often that you are glued to every page of a business book, convinced that the next page can’t beat the last, but this book did just that for me! Compiled and written by Simon Pont, who is clearly a fiercely intelligent and impassioned modern ‘Ad man’, he has thrown open the pages of this compendium to 13 deeply influential figures in global marketing, to give their views on how the internet is changing everything. I was blown away by each chapter, feeling humbled but excited as I read this delicatessen of insight and genuinely useful, thought provoking prose.

There is something to learn for everyone  in our industry as we gently relinquish the offline dominance and brace ourselves, ready for inevitable digital immersion and the clarity, insight and infinite wisdom we may glean from the data by-product, if we ask the right questions.