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BOOK REVIEW: 'eMarketing excellence' by Paul Smith and Dave Chaffey

Title: eMarketing excellence
Paul Smith and Dave Chaffey
Published by:
Reviewed by:
Richard Marshall, business development director, Tullo Marshall Warren

I found eMarketing eXcellence to be one of the most comprehensive sources of best practice for digital marketing.  Admittedly, at nearly 500 pages, it is a veritable tome, but it's worth the perseverance to get at the in-depth insights that can be applied by readers to pretty much any organisation.

By its very nature, e-marketing is fast evolving and, dare I say, even confusing to many practitioners.  Yet, it increasingly impacts all aspects of marketing from strategy and planning through to marketing communications.  Happily though, this book highlights the most significant opportunities as well as some of the pitfalls based on over 20 years worth of experience from the two authors.