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BOOK REVIEW: In Remarkable We Trust

Author: Paul Cash
Publisher: Self-published
Reviewer: Simon Wright, MD, Greenwich Design

As someone who lives and dreams design and branding, and who finds inspiration in anything a little bit different, I found myself invigorated by the pace and individual style of In Remarkable We Trust. It looks pretty, has no chapters and is scattered with brilliant illustrations of sparklingly clear thought. I love ‘stopenomics’ – not just doing what is briefed but stopping, taking a step back and considering all alternatives.

There were two ideas that stood out and were illustrated brilliantly. Firstly, ‘simple is best’. Secondly, ‘we’re all in the ideas business’. I know it’s obvious, and its simplicity makes me feel stupid for not using it before. But suddenly here’s a simple sentence that sums up what we all do. We’re all ideas people, just at different points in the supply chain.