BOOK REVIEW: The Science of Serendipity

Author: Matt Kingdom
Publisher: Wiley
Reviewer: Ayd Instone, innovation consultant and independent publisher   

The rather bland but trendy cover design hides the fact, that would be lost on e-reader versions, that The Science of Serendipity is actually quite lavish, with many full colour spreads and subtle use of colour throughout. 
It is clear the book is aimed towards individuals within large organisations whose embedded operational mindsets tend to destroy innovation and quash ideas, with the goal of re-claiming entrepreneurship and innovation for corporates that were ‘once start ups’. Despite Kingdom’s using ‘science’ in the title, the image that repeatedly crops up is actually combat. The final chapter is entitled: ‘A Call to Arms’.

The author has a pleasant style but perhaps lacks personality, speaking often as the gestalt “we” of his team at his company and we don’tA better book title would have been ‘The Battle for Innovation’.