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BRAND MAKEOVER: Great Guns Marketing

Liz Jackson, MD of Great Guns Marketing, on why the B2B telemarketing agency decided to update its corporate and 'impersonal' image

Who or what are you?
Great Guns Marketing was established in 1998 as a business-to-business telemarketing agency, helping companies meet their sales targets by generating highly qualified leads and appointments. Across the UK we have a turnover of £3 million, four offices and 100 employees.
We work across a number of sectors including consultancy, IT, finance, training, public sector, marketing, engineering and training. Clients include PricewaterhouseCoopers, PayPal, TomTom, Lloyds TSB and BDO LLP, right through to start-ups.

What's the problem?
Our old identity had not changed much since our inception, and had a very corporate, impersonal feel about it. Over the years we have become more innovative and we feel our brand needs to reflect this and our ethos.
As we have come out of the recession we wanted to show that we have continued to innovate, we are now more attractive to clients that are looking for a competitive advantage from their telemarketing agency. Due to our strong presence in the industry it was only natural that we should update our image in line with our success.