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BRANDING: Celebrity sells

It's time to ditch the stock imagery and actually get creative with your marketing

Looking for a New Year resolution and can't be bothered to join a gym, quit smoking or go on a diet? Well, here's a thought, how about for one year - just one year - you abstain from using clichéd business imagery. You know the ones: suited businessman inexplicably wearing boxing gloves/spikes or skateboarding, handshakes across the globe, bespectacled young lady trying to answer 15 phones at once while sporting a constipated grimace. It doesn't take much imagination to conjure up such images as they're as rampant in B2B as mega-watt smiles are in Colgate ads.

But when you step back and look, really look at them, their appropriateness soon fades and their complete absurdity manifests itself. Andy Hair, creative director of EHS Brahn Leeds, says, "They are impenetrable images that people can't relate to. Why are they [the brand advertising] talking to me in this strange way?"