BRANDING: Emotion in marketing

Contrary to some preconceptions, the B2B buyer is not a faceless, emotionless corporate ‘robot’ solely interested in the practical functionality and ROI of a product or service. Claire Weekes explores how emotion plays a key role in B2B purchasing

There is a generalised (but often very true) difference between B2C and B2B advertising challenges – the fact that when it comes to B2C, marketers are trying to persuade consumers to ‘want’ – whereas in B2B they’re actually already pandering to a ‘need’ for a product.

Apple is very good at creating a desire for its brand. People love Apple’s products to the point where they will queue for days outside an Apple store to get their hands on the latest iPad or iPhone. Do these hardcore obsessives need an iPad 2? Well no. But the reason they’re queuing outside that store is because they’ve made an emotional connection with the brand – they’re effectively in love with it.