BRANDING: The Meerkat effect – can B2B get creative?

Aleksandr Orlov’s ‘simples’ expression is just one example of how great B2C ads have transcended advertising and become part of the vernacular. So why are there no comparable examples in B2B? Alex Blyth explores B2B’s lack of apparent creative spark

Think of the last B2B marketing campaign you saw. Now consider the Meerkat campaign from Compare the Market, or the Cadbury’s Gorilla, or Ronseal’s ‘does what it says on the tin’ slogan, or Eva Herzogovina in a Wonderbra.

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to see one of the few striking and memorable B2B campaigns out there, chances are B2B creative is looking pretty mediocre in comparison to those consumer campaigns. This is nothing new. For decades marketers have bemoaned the paucity of great creative in B2B marketing.