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BRANDING: Rebranding must be rational, not romantic

Why rebrand, how to do it and pitfalls to avoid

Earlier this week, I sat down to a significant purchasing dilemma. The Brand Union needs two new high performance and expensive printers. We specialise in branding and design so I'm not talking entry-level inkjets. This is a decision that will affect the quality of our output and will speak volumes about the level of pride and care we put into our work. Do I care about saving a few quid because one brand offers a £20 discount and a free toaster? Not really. Do I go with a brand that is innovative, claims to have more brightly coloured (in CMYK, of course) bells and whistles than most, but not widely known in my peer group? Hmmm, I might need convincing. Is the brand important? Absolutely. I need a brand of unquestioning performance, reliability and with a service back-up that is not a promise but a reality.