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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH: Turn on, tune in, sleep out

IT is not something many people will associate with being homeless. If you're sleeping rough surely one of the last things you would need is an IT vendor. Eleven years ago Ken Deeks, founder of Byte Night and director of the Amber Group, set out to prove otherwise.

Byte Night is an annual event - which this year ran across five regions - where hundreds of people working in the IT industry in the UK give up their bed for a night to experience a little of what it's like to be homeless to raise money for Action for Children.

The fundraising event is also a valuable networking opportunity for the nearly 700 people who took part this year, 300 of them in London alone. However Andrew Miller, director of Wilson Miller, who marketed this year's event, says, "We want to make sure people are there for the right reasons so don't want to push the networking side of the event too much."