Choose wisely from the content counter

ccording to the Content Marketing Institute, 95 per cent of UK B2B marketers are using some form of content marketing. That’s a lot of marketers churning out content, signalling a move by brands to position themselves as content producers. And last month’s news that Twitter is branching into brand journalism by hiring a head of news is hardly surprising as it becomes an increasingly relevant source of news. This is a trend Kenneth Connolly, head of content at agency Really B2B has picked up on: “I am seeing more of our clients turning to us for support in generating content. Some of whom have even stated they require a journalist for their brand to report on their products and services across multiple content formats.”

The growing emphasis being placed on content has meant it has become a core weapon in marketers’ armoury. The result? Everyone is creating a lot of noise in the market, pushing out more and more enewsletters, blogs, whitepapers, reports, case studies, infographics and videos etc.

But some marketers are failing to be bowled over by the content revolution, arguing that creating compelling content isn’t anything new, and brands have always been content producers. True, but maybe the way in which content is sourced, crafted, distributed, integrated and consumed is changing.