CONTENT MARKETING: Conquering ‘the content avalanche’

Our upcoming conference is here to help you conquer the content avalanche. Jessica McGreal takes a look at the topics we’ll be addressing on the day

here’s no denying it, ‘the content avalanche’ has hit. Our inboxes are overflowing, our Twitter streams updating, events calendars are full and our web browsing is at fever pitch. However, discovering useful and interesting content has become harder than ever.

Eighteen months ago marketers were praising the evolution of content marketing. But as an ever-increasing number jump on the content bandwagon it has become extremely difficult to get your brand’s voice heard. As a result, in order to produce creative content that stands out from the crowd B2B marketers need to rip up the rulebook. Forget phrases such as ‘content is king’ and ‘direct mail is dead’ and instead focus on creating inbound marketing campaigns that are effective and ultimately drive sales.