Coopetition and building a community of competitors (everything you need to know)

Coopetition is a relatively underplayed B2B hand that few possess the courage to take on, yet those brave few who risk the high stakes are reaping the rewards.

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  • What is coopetition? Coopetition definition and meaning, with example company success stories.
  • Coopetition examples: What does the practice look like in the current B2B market?
  • Coopetition on a personal level: As an individual marketer, how do you use coopetition to better you personal and business profile?
  • Measurement: What are the best goal and objectives to set, and how do you measure success?
  • Community of competitors: 3 top tips for creating/joining a community of competitors.
  • Risky business: The potential pitfalls, risks, and disadvantages of coopetition.

Expert commentary from Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio; Tim Dyson, CEO of Next 15: and Kath Pay, founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing.