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Creative Review: Travelling light with Business Travel World

How B2B marketers can appeal to all kinds of business travellers

Finding ideas that appeal equally to a 40 year-old Hong Kong businesswoman, the chairman of a major European brand and a 26 year-old male Scottish plant sales rep becomes an almost impossible task and agencies are forced to look for universally recognisable visual cues and copy, which means all things to all men and women. Not the ideal recipe for creativity.

The most readily used solution is to reach for stock photography: airbrushed thrusting 30-somethings stripped of context and personality; 'dynamic' action shots as similies for achievement, or that old standby - an image of an eagle to represent vision. And if all else fails, you can always bleed the page with your corporate colours and bung in a whopping big feature masquerading as a benefit.

The April issue of Business Travel World is full of these, but it also contains precious few ads that buck the trend and strive manfully to be 'grown-up advertising' in an environment of homogenised corporate background noise.