Crimes against content

Today B2B brands are not only fighting competition with their peers when it comes to content marketing, but with media outlets, information resources, thought leaders and bloggers. Everyone is producing an abundance of content to ensure theirs is clicked and read. Sadly this has negative consequences, with an increasing number of brands and marketers carrying out bad content practices and committing ‘content crimes’ to reach their audience.

B2B Marketing’s Content Marketing Benchmarking Report 2014 highlights just how fierce competition has become, with 89 per cent of B2B marketers creating more content over the last 12 months compared to the previous year. However, committing content crimes for a quick win when it comes to inbound strategy shouldn’t be
the answer.

“People remember bad content and it deters them from looking at the good stuff,” says Tim Prizeman, thought leadership specialist at Kelso Consulting. “In one case I came across, the CIO of a major corporation had instructed his PA to intercept all whitepapers and research reports from the auditor, a top accountancy firm, and put them in the bin before he saw them. He was angry because weak content was wasting his time, and the strong reports the firm did had been completely undermined in the dross.”