CRM ANALYSIS: Cloud computing - In search of the silver lining

How B2B marketers can harness the power of cloud technology revealed

Findings published recently by The Centre for Economics & Business Research reveal that the further adoption of cloud computing could be worth £645 billion for the top five EU economies over the next five years. Furthermore, it could also create 2.4 million jobs; 2011 is 'the year of the cloud.'

Closer to home, there has also been a great deal of noise made recently about how cloud computing is going to transform (or at least change) the ways in which marketers meet their objectives. Salesforce recently announced the launch of its product, billed as 'the first enterprise database built for the cloud'. Really Simple Systems also revealed an impressive take-up rate of its newly-launched free cloud-based CRM system. And you are guaranteed to see more marketing solutions and related software products located on the cloud in the coming year.