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CUSTOMER INSIGHT: Feedback tools

Every business in the B2C arena knows that personal recommendations can be a highly lucrative means of promoting a brand, service or any range of goods. People listen to the recommendations of colleagues, family and friends. Moreover, any negative comments are certainly appreciated too and can, if not kept in check or rebuffed, sound the death knell for a marketing campaign.

Social networking sites have changed how businesses and their customers alike interact with each other. The traditional model of push marketing is now being rapidly replaced with pull marketing as consumers take the high ground and create their own mass test groups which are willing to offer their opinions on any product or service that is currently available.

Companies like Amazon and Play which have pioneered the use of customer reference programs (CRPs) with their highly successful reviews that appear attached to almost every product these stores sell, are now being joined by legions of consumers who are turning marketing on its head.