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CUSTOMER INSIGHT: What makes business leaders tick?

I'm forever pointing out that businesses don't buy anything, people do. The smaller the business you're dealing with, the more you need to take into account the decision-making process that these small business leaders use, as well as their personal perceptions of their business needs and their underlying attitudes to the process of being marketed to. This is a complex and subtle set of interactions, some of which change as circumstances dictate, but many of which change rarely, if at all. We need to understand what is constant and can be relied upon and also, what is changeable and why this is.

Something constant we should take into account each time we think about talking to a small business – but which is rarely considered at all – is the business leader. Now, I'm not saying all business leaders are the same as each other and I'm not saying that if someone gets out of bed in a bad mood, their behaviour will be the same as on a more positive day. What I am saying is that if you want to sell to someone, you need to understand what makes them tick.

At Information Arts we believe in a number of 'truisms', including: