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CUSTOMER INSIGHT: Women prosumers

Women now, numerically, own more businesses than men in the USA and the UK – 51 per cent. Moreover, the trend is accelerating: over 70 per cent of new businesses are started by women in the USA and the UK. Authoritative research shows that in corporate businesses, women occupy nearly 60 per cent of purchasing/ merchandising management positions. They are responsible for over 80 per cent of buying decisions in businesses and the home. If women consumers or prosumers in business are the new majority, there is a big disconnect.

So why do B2B marketers seem to ignore them? Because B2B marketing is boring! It has been unfashionable for years. Largely created by men with big business men in mind, typically we witness rational, logical pitches to save time, money and space.

Alternatively, we see expensive corporate advertising campaigns from companies like Accenture, choosing a megastar like Tiger Woods in all sorts of golfing situations, trying to cross relate to business solutions. Engaging eh?