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DATA: Do you want fries with that?

The phrases 'do you want fries with that?' and the more recent 'do you want that super-sized?' may be synonymous with the world of burgers and fast food outlets, but they are prime examples of the power of cross-selling and up-selling.

For burger joints, in just six words, an up-selling opportunity has been initiated. Unfortunately a little more strategic thinking will be required for most marketers out there but, pound-for-pound, cross-selling and up-selling will always be the more straightforward option. While exploring new business opportunities and prospect pools will remain an important practice to continue, it pays to explore how to get more from your current pool of clients.

Build on existing relationships
Almost all companies can benefit from exploring up-selling opportunities in their current client database. You have already put all the hard work into starting the relationship, and up-selling is just a way of building on that. All that is required is keeping in touch with your clients' needs and their business development. Have they grown? Do they need more of the same?