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DATA FOCUS: Back to basics

Over the last few months I have talked about many issues, highlighting how insight from data is the foundation for relationship marketing programmes that are consistently effective. One topic covered has been 'analysis', although to date I have only discussed this in a generic fashion, therefore we should explore this in greater depth. Although, before we can do this we need to revisit the actual data again.

Hopefully by now you should understand how critically important your customer data is and how to get it fit-for-purpose. However, almost as important in this discovery process is the third party data you select to assist you, so we need to put some more detail behind it.

Call me cynical (OK and a bit boring!), but working with data for the last 16 years has led me to realise that not every busy marketing exec, manager or director is as knowledgeable about data as they could be. And why should they be? That's what we get paid for. Moreso, I find that some prospects and clients are really happy to go back to basics when it helps to set their programmes in context; explaining some of their successes and failures, thus helping them to understand why we recommend what we do.