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DATA FOCUS: Bringing fresh data to the masses

How to ensure your B2B data is up-to-date

Nowhere, it could be argued, does the old adage of 'garbage in, garbage out' ring truer than with data that underpins a marketing strategy. Without good, fresh data it's difficult for a business to establish its best prospects. If the foundation on which that marketing strategy is based – data and information on the customer – is flawed, what is the chance of getting a positive customer reaction and a sale?

Keeping prospect data up-to-date in B2B is difficult and can be an issue for many organisations' data providers. For a start, the different ways B2B prospect data is captured and stored can result in discrepancies between similar information in different places and means that a single prospect view can be problematic. Added to this, businesses often write basic information – such as their company name and address – differently at different times, combined with changing business circumstances, moving premises and staff changes mean the ideal of keeping business lists and prospect data fresh can be harder to achieve.