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DATA FOCUS: Credit checked marketing data

The importance of utilising credit data in your B2B marketing

What is a marketer's job? Is it to increase the profitability of the company for which they work? Or is it merely to increase the response rate of customers? Most marketers wouldn't limit themselves to the latter, so why do so few use credit data?

Credit data, often called pre-vetting, has been around for about fifteen years but largely ignored by marketers. In 2005 Experian encouraged marketers to use credit data by launching a service which enabled the credit worthiness of prospects to be checked before mailing. Other suppliers followed suit or revisited their own offerings. Two years on, Nigel Bennett, sales director at Market Location, comments, “The knowledge of the service has increased among marketers, but true understanding of its application is still very low. Probably only about two to three per cent of data lists sold are pre-vetted.”