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DATA FOCUS: How clean is your data?

The importance of cleaning your business data and how to do it

Accurate data is rightly considered one of a business's most valuable assets. But a database is dynamic, it needs managing, checking, refining. Without such care it decays becoming less useful and can even degrade into a positive liability.

Maintaining data accuracy:

  • Preserves the brand image
  • Enables better business decisions
  • Avoids the waste and irritation of duplicate mailings
  • Saves time and money
  • Ensures a single version of any information held
  • Complies with the Data Protection Act.

Data cleansing also plays a large part in combating crime. David Green, business development director at GB Group, warns: “There's a huge growth in business fraud where fraudsters invent bogus company names, etc. For fraud prevention, if nothing else, data cleansing is very important.”