DIGITAL MARKETING: Corporate video - watch and learn

Let's sort out a common misunderstanding straight away: video is not synonymous with VHS cassettes. A video is a series of moving images. A corporate video is therefore a story in pictures that communicates a message about an aspect of your business. The images can be stored and displayed using whatever means is best to reach your customers. This can include DVD, the Internet, CDs the size of a credit card, SMS and film, as well as the ubiquitous VHS cassette.

Good video needs something to photograph, so any industry that relies on people and products can use video effectively. As Miles Latham, managing partner and chief editor at corporate video production company Affixxius, says, "They say a picture paints a thousand words - we have 25 pictures per second."

Particular sectors where video is popular are events companies, which are heavily people-orientated, and the construction industry, where the end product can be particularly impressive, so filming before-and-after shots and using time-lapse photography work very well. As the rapid development of technology has brought down the cost of video, there has also been a significant increase in its use amongst SMEs.