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DIGITAL MARKETING: DIY digital - are you mad?

In a relatively small period of time - we're talking under 10 years - the Internet has been transformed from a fledgling medium where a B2B business presence generally meant a shoddily put together brochure site (that either cost you a fortune, or was done by someone's brother/mate down the pub - delete as appropriate), to a place where you can find all the tools and applications you need to enable your marketing and your business to flourish.

It's like the automotive industry going from the Model T to the Audi TT in the same amount of time. The pace of change is quite incredible and seems to be getting faster, at least now that uptake of online applications is moving from the early- adopter phase into the majority.

Now, on the cusp of the second decade of the 21st century, there's a wide range of incredible web-based applications that provide the perfect toolkit for B2B marketers to take their businesses forward in the digital age. Web 2.0 has created a raft of really innovative companies and products who specialise in doing specific things very well. From online CRM, CMS, collaboration tools, web conferencing, webcasting, marketing automation and reputation monitoring - you name it, there's an innovative and entrepreneurial business which has developed a specialist capability, used by a growing number of clients. All of these tools are focused on doing a particular task well and are easy to integrate into your business. In fact, their whole success depends on their ability to integrate to fit your needs.