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DIGITAL MARKETING: Mobile marketing on the move

 Marketing to mobile phones is a controversial area as it carries a risk of seriously irritating the recipient. Yet the medium has unique advantages, both to the target audience as well as the B2B marketer.

The fact that it guarantees direct contact with an individual is extremely powerful, especially when coupled with its immediacy (unlike email, the vast majority of users really do have their mobiles with them at all times) and has the scope therefore for delivering very timely and contextually relevant messages.

Reach, relevance and relationship, a recent report by technology analyst firm Quocirca, considers the potential for the mobile channel. The report says, “Markets are fragmenting, industries are converging, and relationships are more dynamic and fragile. So how do organisations build a connection and maintain an ongoing dialogue with their current and future customers?” It's an extremely valid question, and the mobile channel seems to hold the answer.