DIGITAL MARKETING: Tablets - just another pill to swallow?

So all the Apple fanboys and girls - and those who should know better - have been singing the praises of the Apple iPad before it's even launched at its adoring public. But before we all get carried away on a wave of Apple lovin', we should bear in mind that the must-have bit of tech du jour, the iPhone is still very much a niche product.

Although it's growing, it commands just 18 per cent of the market - and that's just the smartphone market - not the mobile phone sector as a whole*. And let's not forget that the first raft of tablet PCs haven't exactly set the world on fire, suffering from a lack of dedicated software support and issues with actual usability.

So, as far as us B2Bers are concerned, is there a significant market out there in businessland for the latest and greatest communications toy to hit us since... the last one? And what are tablets good for, specifically, what use are they in B2B? Well, they should be the best platform for browsing and reading, thanks to their high-resolution screens. Resource pieces, brochures, newsletters, and interactive content should generally be winners on a tablet. You could see them as a sort of digital paper; soon you could well be reading this column on a tablet in all its high-resolution glory.