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DIGITAL MARKETING: When 'fluffy' met 'techie'

The PR industry has been much denigrated; characterised by endless quaffing of champagne, shameless schmoozing and 'spin-doctoring'. But the digital revolution is making the job of your average PR professional increasingly challenging -and it's a role which is far removed from this caricature.

In this new world of 'PR 2.0', those involved in the industry know that, by using even the most rudimentary of web analytics tools, it should be possible to track the success - or otherwise - of a digital campaign - certainly more than has ever been possible with traditional offline media. What's more, although stories still jostle for coverage and the prime position online, there are infinite possibilities on the worldwide web - and there's enough space for everyone to join the party.

Everything moves faster too, given that a story can be posted online within minutes. This is undoubtedly a blessing, but will make the life of most public relations professionals busier - as Kate Williams, a director at Headstream PR, knows only too well. "Our lead times have disappeared. We can't go out and drink champagne and be out of the office all day," she jokes.