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DIGITAL MARKETING: Why mobile isn't moving

There's no doubt that marketing to mobile devices is more than proliferative in the B2C space; with ringtones, screensavers, shortcode offers and download alerts advertised almost everywhere you look. However, while it is an effective and well-used medium for targeting consumers, it is not typically considered a core B2B medium: so why isn't it used to such a great extent and how would it benefit the business sector?

Time-pressured, information-hungry business people on the move are increasingly demanding sophisticated mobile communications technology, helping them to be more productive. Mobile provides the perfect platform through which to target these business people: it is direct, ubiquitous, cost-effective and it is safe to assume that all individuals will own some kind of mobile communication device. This may be a simple mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) in the form of newly-introduced devices receiving text, email and Internet, such as the BlackBerry or the iPAQ from HP. With mobile networks now being so widespread, the chances of marketing messages actually reaching them also increases vastly.

However, although mobiles in B2C are proliferative, why hasn't B2B caught on to the mobile bug?