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DIRECT MARKETING: Direct mail isn't dead yet

As one of marketing's oldest channels, direct mail is sometimes unfairly labelled as an outdated method of reaching clients and prospects. But direct marketing is a longstanding channel for a reason. While times have changed and the way direct marketing is approached has too, the fact remains that with careful planning DM is still an extremely effective way for a business to achieve its leads and sales objectives.

In its most successful form it is a highly targeted, highly personal and hugely effective way of reaching the target audience. Used incorrectly however, it can be both inefficient and potentially damaging to a company's reputation.

All businesses know that their clients and prospective clients' time is precious. Those who mail other businesses with specific product offerings that are completely unrelated to them further exacerbate the annoyance of 'junk' mail. However, small mistakes, such as name or job title discrepancies, are just as important to avoid as larger scale errors.