EMAIL FEATURE: Do you know when it's a good time for your customers?

"Don't call me, no I don't want a meeting but you can email me between 9am and 12pm on Monday or Wednesday." According to the SME Voice research report, created in partnership with B2Group and the DMA, this is the best way and time to reach SMEs with your marketing messages.

We investigate how B2B marketers can target their customers at the right time

The report is based on a continuous monthly online survey completed by a panel of 1250 SMEs. This monitors SMEs' contact preferences allowing marketers to use this information to achieve greater cut-through from their marketing activity. The study - conducted by research agency Fast Map - also monitors how SMEs market themselves. According to the report, UK SMEs boast a collective turnover of £1500 billion and many work in the B2B sector whose direct marketing is estimated to be worth £5.7 billion. All this makes SMEs lucrative marketing targets. So what should marketers be doing to reach them?