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EMAIL MARKETING: Do your emails pass the test?

1. What to test
Approach testing with the view to discovering what works best for your own database of customers and prospects by considering the following:

Time and day: Two key things you should test right away are the best day and time to send to your database. By testing days and times you will find out what your readers respond best to, which can give you an immediate uplift in your open, click and conversion rates.

Sender field: This is of upmost importance to get right. People scan their inboxes and make decisions as to whether they'll delete or open based on 1) the sender and then 2) the subject line. In general you want to establish a good sender email address to use and stick with that, as people may be white listing you based on it. Do ongoing tests of the sender field, as it can have an enormous impact on your open rate. Your company should decide whether an email comes from your brand, your company, or the name of an individual.