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EMAIL MARKETING: How often is too often for email?

When deciding on the frequency of your email programme, it is important to bear in mind that the target audience and the purpose of your message is more important. With that in mind, identifying how often to send emails to your prospects and customers may include, but is not limited to, the following considerations.

1. What is the value you are providing?
When a message's perceived value is high, the recipient will have fewer objections to receiving your messages frequently. It may sound obvious, but simply restating an offer that has already been communicated would have less interest to a recipient than a new and relevant offer.

2. What are the characteristics of this segment?
Depending on the identified segment, more frequent communications may not prove to be of additional value, and in some cases, may be considered over-communication. Ensure that you establish and communicate the frequency and focus of your messages during the subscription process. Once subscribers know what to expect, they can anticipate your messages. Over-communication can have a negative impact on your email programme by limiting the effectiveness of the planned messages.