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EMAIL MARKETING: Poor email data management affecting B2B marketers

B2B marketers are failing to tackle the growing issue of erroneous or inaccurate email data, according to new research by B2B Marketing in association with QAS. The survey showed that, whilst 99 per cent of respondents regard email data as either 'critical' or 'very important', less than a quarter of respondents believe their email data to be 'excellent' or 'good', and 77 per cent said they had no idea how much inaccurate data was costing them per year.

The research, which was carried out through email in April to B2B Marketing's database of 20,000 practitioners, underlined the importance of email as a marketing channel, with 50 per cent of respondents reporting that at least half of their marketing activity relies on the channel. However, it also underlined the mismatch between the perceived importance of the channel and money invested in it, with a similar figure (52 per cent) only spending a quarter of their budget on email activity.

Online collection is key
The collection of email data was a key issue the survey sought to clarify. Results showed a variety of collection techniques are employed (see Figure 1) - although collection online is overwhelmingly the most popular, used by 95 per cent of respondents.