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EMAIL MARKETING: The truth about email marketing

Maxine-Laurie Marshall cuts through the rumour to reveal the truth about email marketing

arketers should be aware of rumours but only act on fact. According to rumour, email marketing is dead. I think it died last year as well, and the year before that. But the fact is 70 per cent of the 250 client-side marketers surveyed in our Email Marketing Benchmarking Report regard email as critical or very important. This is the truth about email marketing.

Email is a staple in the marketing mix but also has some rumours of its own to deal with. The first being you can’t use video or moving images in email without it ending up in the spam folder. This untruth has been around for as long as video itself. It was once founded on fact as Tom Sather, senior director of email research at Return Path explains: “It used to be a concern, probably about 10 years ago when people were literally attaching it to the email and sending that out, inboxes were a lot smaller then. Hotmail for example had a 2MB limit so video and other more advanced things were frowned upon because most inboxes were already quite full and it would just bounce out.”