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EMAIL REVIEW: Building Construction Design

Initial impressions

Good points: The clean design makes this email clear and easy to read. The use of colour throughout also helps bring the message to life and this is complemented by a good use of images.

Bad points: For me, the subject line could be a bit more enticing. Whilst it is good to see that BCD include the company name and date, so recipients can easily recognise the sender, there is nothing that would really encourage a first-time recipient to click through. Similarly, when you look at the email itself, there is no obvious call to action. The logo is also relatively big, which means that for some recipients it might be the only thing you would see in the preview pane. If recipients are using a client like Outlook, which automatically turns images off as standard, then the welcome message would be the first thing you would see and - because it is all in capitals - it could be viewed by the recipient as being 'spammy' content.