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Episode 12: ABM with Mark Larwood of O2

In this week's episode, B2B Marketing's Joel Harrison sits down with Mark Larwood to discuss all things ABM. Leading up to our ABM Conference 2020, they get into how ABM plays a role in the B2B world today, especially during the Coronavirus.

Tell us about your background – when did you become a marketer? Was it something that you always wanted to do? Or was it something that you stumbled into?

Growing up I wanted to be many things from a pilot, to doctor to lawyer, but I don’t remember it ever being B2B marketer though. From a very early age, I was more fascinated with TV adverts than with TV programmes – which maybe says more about 1980s children’s TV than anything else, but I like to think that laid the seed for marketing in my head.

Then I went to university, studied business and languages and realised I liked marketing more than economics, liked behavioural science and psychology more than statistics… And so I went out to find a job in marketing. I joined a small tech firm and kind of fell into B2B. But now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!