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Establishing an ABM strategy

We fielded a series of questions relating to the ABM strategy itself in order to establish the favoured approach, goals and financial impacts in our latest ABM report.

ABM is relatively new for most organisations, and it is always about new business.

ABM adoption is well established for some companies, with 25% of organisations reporting to have an ABM strategy older than one year. Just 10% of the companies surveyed were professional services organisations. The other early adopters probably include a significant number of technology vendors that also have an important services organisation, or which are providing their technology as a service. 

For the other three quarters of companies, ABM is clearly a work-in-progress. 27% of companies have been deploying ABM operationally for less than six months, while 36% are still just considering/preparing their programmes. No company plans to cancel their ABM activities in the next 12 months, while a resounding 88% have planned an increase in effort.

When asked to rank the main aim of their ABM programme, every respondent selected ‘To win new accounts’ as their number one. Following this, more minor rankings were awarded to: ‘accelerate the sales cycle’, ‘grow existing accounts’ and ‘improve retention’.