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EVENT MARKETING: Analysis of B2B Marketing award winners 2012

The B2B Marketing Award winners have been applauded and celebrated at a glittering gala event, but what can you learn from them? Maxine-Laurie Marshall reports

This year, judges for the B2B Marketing Awards had to work their way through a record number of entries to decide on the winners. Entries increased by almost 20 per cent in comparison to last year, but this hasn’t been the only change. A number of new trends have emerged from the winning entries, so it’s worth finding out what this year’s most celebrated B2B marketing campaigns had in common.

Marketing loves sales
The word ‘love’ may be a bit strong, but over the last year marketing has at least acknowledged the existence of its sales counterparts and, in the case of many of the winners, planned campaigns that actively took sales’ requirements into account. Peter Young, independent judging chairman and marketing consultant, noted, “Entries received due praise when sales’ needs were properly embraced in the communications planning.” He asks, “Are we seeing closer synergy between the two functions?”