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FEATURE: The future of SEO

The SEO landscape has changed considerably but does it still retain its old relevance in a world where content is supposedly king? Victoria Clarke investigates

A few years back, every marketer paid lip service to SEO and as digital marketing started to take off, it often featured at the top of the marketing team’s agenda when it came to online activity. Paradoxically, however, SEO was often considered a dark art, and something only a select few ‘experts’ had direct involvement with. Fast forward to the present day and as a result of the SEO landscape changing beyond recognition, so too have marketers’ attitudes towards it. At a time when content marketing is on top of everyone’s to do lists and marketers need their content to be found, SEO seems to have slipped from their priorities. So what does the future hold for search marketing?

The content war
The explosion of content has resulted in every marketer trying to create the slickest infographic, the most shareable video or the most thought-provoking and insightful whitepaper. While every effort may go into the conception and execution of this content, often the technical SEO gets overlooked in favour of trying to create ‘the next big idea’. However, Louise Sylvester, SEO manager at Soap Media, emphasises: “Content is key to SEO and likewise SEO is key to content; they are now synonymous with each other.”