FEATURE: The secrets of success in B2B

Whether you’re a client-side B2B marketer or sit on the agency side of the fence, we’ve spoken to those at the top table of their respective industries and asked them to reveal the secrets of their success

Carolines Taylor
IBM Europe

What qualities/skills do B2B leaders need to have?
You have to be able to cope with complexity. You also need to be able to deal with pretty rapid change in the market in which you operate. So; complexity and agility. I think the B2B world is shifting faster than the B2C world. This is partly because there was a time when B2B marketing was a very structured set of things, and you just did them; ‘do it well and repeat’ kind of thing. B2B is now changing really, really rapidly. Just think of something like social for example. There was a time when people said it wasn’t particularly relevant in B2B, all of a sudden it’s become paramount.