Getting the green light: Gaining internal buy-in

Gaining internal buy-in remains one of B2B marketers’ greatest challenges. Victoria Clarke investigates the need for support from internal stakeholders and, crucially, how to get it

f reaching out to a demanding external business audience is tough, internal engagement and buy-in can often prove a B2B marketer’s nemesis. It’s all very well having the next ‘big idea’, but if the person holding the purse strings is a sceptic, marketers will never get their activities off the ground successfully. In 2013, top-level support and endorsement from internal stakeholders has become more critical than ever.
So why is gaining internal buy-in often considered so difficult a challenge? What are the kinds of things B2B marketers are seeking buy-in for exactly – and who are they seeking it from? And, crucially, is there a secret weapon for dealing with this contentious issue?

Buy-in barriers
Gaining internal buy-in is not a new challenge and remains something marketers are often accused of failing to tackle. This may be the reason why historically the marketing department has been unsuccessful at aligning with other business functions.