How to become customer-centric

The C-word is no longer something that should be whispered, customers are front and centre of marketers’ minds. Maxine-Laurie Marshall asks CMOs how they are becoming customer-centric

Customer centricity. You know it’s important. You say you’re customer-centric. Well, you think about your customers every now and again, and you did respond to that customer query on Twitter the other day, that counts right? Not really. But it’s okay, it’s a big challenge and one that needs the entire organisation to be bought into it. Speaking about the problem of becoming customer-centric, Victor Milligan, CMO of Forrester says: “Many marketing shops operate with the product(s) or brand(s) at the centre of their universe – siloed around functions that do not relate to customer journeys and experiences. Others do not have the necessary analytic and system skills needed to understand how to improve customer experiences, nor do they have customer-obsessed cultures.”

Offering advice to other marketing leaders, Nicholas Carlson, CMO at The Access Group, says: “Being ‘customer-centric’ means more than just catering to the needs and wants customers think they have. It’s creating value through understanding the markets and industries in which they operate, so that you are best positioned in the marketplace to correctly advise them.