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How to budget and plan for your new ABM programme

Dive into the depths of account-based marketing and you’ll likely reach undiscovered treasures. But knowing how to budget for resources, equipment and training will determine whether you sink or swim. Molly Raycraft talks to Lisa Skinner, VP marketing at Localytics, Vera Loftis, MD at Bluewolf, and Claire Nash, group strategy director of Momentum ABM.

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  • Factors to consider in the budget plan: Essentials you should account for and what you should avoid.
  • Budgeting for tech: When you should think about using tech and if it can help your ABM.
  • ABM on a budget: How to start your ABM programme without breaking the bank.
  • Starting a pilot plan: Where to find the money when there are no extra funds.
  • Building a business case: How to pitch ABM to the board and gain extra budget.