How to build a relationship with your tech vendor

You won’t be successful with martech without support from your vendor. Molly Raycraft finds out why this goes far beyond the service level agreement, and what clients can do to ensure they receive the backup they need.

You’ve worked out how best to upgrade your martech, you’ve gained buy-in and budget to purchase new platforms and you’re finally getting to grips with integration. Then your vendor goes cold. 

This frustrating journey is likely to sound familiar. A lack of vendor support was cited as one of the key challenges in our Martech Audit report this year.

While 56% of B2B marketers are satisfied with their tech, only 21% rate it above the level of ‘okay’. Most of those are hampered by a lack of support from their vendor on how to fully understand, deploy and integrate their tech, with many feeling that once they’ve signed the purchase order, the rest is left to them. 

You might believe it’s the vendor’s responsibility to support you as a client, and while that’s true, there’s plenty you can do to build a better support network from your suppliers’ side.